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It’s an open secret that many business owners start their business first, and figure out their financials later. Eventually, these business owners figure out that they need to find their financial footing if they’re going to succeed – which is exactly what happened to Hakim Hampton, owner of H & M Janitorial.

“I had my business, but I didn’t have any equipment yet. I hadn’t ever had a loan or anything from anyone,” said Hakim. “But I knew I needed money to buy my equipment so I could start my janitorial service, and the Fresno Economic Opportunities Commission said it would be a good idea to complete this financial literacy class and learn how to create a business plan and get a loan from Access Plus Capital.”

Hakim completed that financial literacy class and received a loan that let him purchase his first janitorial equipment. As his business grew, Hakim realized he needed to purchase a van that would let him easily travel among the five commercial sites that had enlisted his services. He returned to Access Plus Capital for a second loan, and because he’d managed his first loan so well (thanks to his financial literacy lessons), we were happy to help Hakim purchase the vehicle that’s now the backbone of his business.

“That financial literacy class really helped me learn how to do money management. It really was a big help to me on my budget and helped my business stay afloat,” said Hakim. “And the customer service at Access Plus Capital was excellent. They were very nice and very respectful, and anything that I was confused about, they gave me the advice that I needed. They answered all my questions in fine detail.”

Hakim’s now been in business for himself for roughly three years, and he has his eye on not only expanding his accounts but bringing new employees into the fold.

“I plan on hopefully, in a couple more years, doing some employment. I have five commercial accounts now, and it’s just me and my family business, but I want to expand throughout the whole Central Valley,” said Hakim.

We have no doubt that Hakim can succeed in making his dreams come true – because he’s put in the work and done so well already. And we’re proud to have helped make his initial dream a reality!


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